ICES is founded by the personalities who have passion in teaching field. We have a backup team of experts from different fields to assist us in designing our notes, revision notes, memory maps, and online test series with an extensive question bank.

Our aim is to reach students with the best study materials that they can have. We continuously upgrade our study material to maintain highest possible quality. At the same time we promote more variations in these study materials which can come in when more and more people of similar affection for education field get together. The freelancers would be passionate enough to provide their expertise in their field of expertise to a large number of students, however, can reach limited students in conventional ways.

ICES brings in here an opportunity to all enthusiastic freelancers to utilize our website and the test generation facility to create your own set of tests or even upload notes, memory maps and video lectures. All of these study materials will be displayed on separate web pages on our website distinctly from the study material provided by ICES. The study material will be integrated with payment gateway and the revenue generated will be appropriately shared with you. These formalities are defined in Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that is signed before we provide you access to the website. Upto 10 MB data the Affiliate partner does not have to pay any hosting charges, however, beyond this memory space limit there can be charges as defined in MoU.

To avail this facility you can fill up the registration form and we will get in touch with you. Please read terms and conditions and Privacy Policies before registration and opting to become affiliate partner.

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