This is the most crucial stage of your life. Lets us plan it out properly. Let us take judicious and well studied decisions. It is essential that you forget for time being what others are trying to suggest you and think what would I like to do the most. Which kind of work will make you happy as well as make good earning. If it is still difficult to make decisions then it is worth consulting counsellor or taking a psychometric test (aptitude, personality and interest). Only aptitude test is not enough. A good Career Assessment Test helps you to map your Inherent Aptitudes and at the same time helps in mapping your Personality Traits and bringing out your Interest Profile. They can guide you in unbiased way.

Remember, take good decision today and enjoy rest of the life otherwise every day of the rest of the life you will be repenting on why you did not take correct decision. According to a recent survey, about 80% or more people feel stressed at work place because they are career misfits.

There is a great plethora of options in front of you

1. Continue the chosen stream and choose appropriate professional and educational courses. Here we shall give you examples of courses which you can choose after HSC through any stream. For science, commerce and humanities (Arts) stream related choices visit the corresponding pages.

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