With completion of Senior Secondary School (SSC) the students are on the verge of a big change. This transition phase is an important phase where the students who are more cautious and well aware about career choices are likely to prosper in future life. It is often seen that students take decisions because either their school teacher influenced them or parents pressurized them or because their friends chose a particular stream or because they thought that a particular course or subject is easier than others. Most of the students are intrigued by following questions.

 Should I choose science, commerce or arts (humanities)?

 Chosen a stream, which course should I choose?

 Should I take coaching for competitive exams?

 CBSE & ICSE students are perplexed by the question “Should I take state board or CBSE board or ICSE board?”

 Should I go for diploma or other courses or stop schooling?

The answers to these and many more of similar type can be answered by studious choice.

1. Any person does the best in his / her career if the work or subject is of his / her liking. Many a times it is not clear to the student what is his exact liking and they are carried away by external influences discussed above. If there are doubts one should consult career consultant or take up career assessment tests (aptitude and personality). Psychometric test is the combination of three tests, namely Aptitude test, Personality test and Interest test, which actually helps in clearly identifying the stream to be opted after 10th and course you should take thereafter.

2. Science, commerce and arts (humanities) all the streams are good provided one does his best to acquire knowledge. All these branches offer good careers in future.

3. Once the stream is clearly decided then you can start looking into courses available and the subjects being offered. It is best to choose the course that has subjects of your interest.

4. It is better to decide what you want to become and then you can look of eligibility for the course, subjects or combination of subjects required to satisfy the requirements for admission to that course in future. You should choose these subject combinations during your intermediate courses as well. For example to become a doctor it is essential to have Physics (P), Chemistry (C) and Biology (B) whereas if you think of opting for engineering in future you should choose Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (M). If you want to keep both options open you need to opt for PCMB.

5. The next question that arises is what should be the score to get admission to course of future. Are there any entrance exams that need to be appeared to qualify for applying for admission? The answers to these questions will guide to take a decision to join coaching for board preparations only or for board and entrance exams together.

6. CBSE and ICSE students are confused whether to continue in 11th and 12th through CBSE/ICSE. If your focus is on national competitive exams then you should take up CBSE or ICSE board. However, if your orientation is more towards state level exams then it is better to go for state board.

7. The choice of school/college should be based on the teachers in it and past record of the school/college. You may like to deliberate with old students of the school / college and their parents or collect the relevant information from all possible the sources available at your disposal.

8. Many parents and students are tempted to undertake job oriented courses immediately after 10. The choices of future career become very restricted with such choices. If there are financial compulsions then one may opt for such courses otherwise it is advisable to should complete class 12th and then take up job oriented courses. For a successful career in future one should get the maximum education possible and most of the reputed courses are available after 12th or graduation. The courses that can be undertaken after completion of SSC (10th)

After SSC

 LIC = Life Insurance Corporation

 AMIE = Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers

 IETE = Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers

 MLT = Medical Laboratory Technician Certification Course

ITI courses are specifically designed to empower the students of the poorer sections to be ready to take up job oriented courses immediately after qualifying SSC examination. Some ITI students also opt to further study in engineering field by directly getting admission to Diploma Engineering followed by admission to 2nd year of BE degree.

IIT Courses

The diploma courses that are available after completion of SSC are shown below

Engineering Diploma(3 years)

The ITI or diploma courses in engineering that can lead to higher studies is studies are pursued as shown below.

After SSC(10th)

Other diploma courses that can be done after SSC are shown in figure below.

After 10 Other Diploma

After SSC paramedical diploma courses that can be done are shown below.

After 10(paramedical Diploma)

The student who has completed Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Diploma can take higher education as indicated below.


Non-technical courses are also available after SSC.

After 10(non-technical)

Several job oriented courses that can be availed are as below.

After 10(Job Oriented Courses)

If it is not possible to study by attending the school or college one can take admission for distance courses. Many such courses are available as indicated in figure below.

After 10(Distance Education)

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