How to Build Career?

Career development, both as a concept and a concern is of recent origin. The reason for this lack of concern regarding career development for a long time has been based on the careless and unrealistic assumptions. Career is a carefully worked out plan for self advancement to others it is a calling-life role to others it is a voyage to self discovery and to still others it is life itself. Career development refers to set of programs designed to match an individual’s needs, abilities, and career goals with current and future opportunities. Once chosen a career path it becomes very difficult to go back. If the work is not satisfying then the interest in doing the work or job is lost and we cannot achieve higher goals in our life. It is essential to identify strength and weakness as well as liking. If a person likes a particular field he or she will input whole hearted efforts and full energy to achieve the goals. Many a times students do not know their strength and weakness as well as liking and are driven by what their teachers, parents or peers do. They also have some person as hero whom they would like to imitate.

Career Planning is a relatively new concept that is gaining wide popularity. Established programs on Career Planning are still rare except in larger or more progressive organizations. Career Planning aims at identifying personal skills, interest, knowledge and other features; and establishes specific plans to attain specific goals. In particular it indicates what training and development would be necessary for advancing in the career altering the career path or staying in the current position. Its focus is on future needs and opportunities and removal of stagnation, obsolescence, dissatisfaction. There are tests to identify these characteristics of a person. Intelligence Quotient, Psychometric tests, DMIT, etc are some of them. These tests are of the importance similar to medical tests since they can help diagnose your problem at early stage and help or suggest ways to avert the career blockages of future.

The traits of a successful person are as given below.

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