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Investment in the education sector is always a good investment as this is a recession-free sector. Moreover, investment in this sector ensures assured returns on investment. Thus, investing in the education sector is a profitably wise decision.

Start a business teaching others with our list of education franchise opportunities. A franchise in education not only allows you to run a business, but it also allows you to help improve the education of children in need. Look for these educational businesses for sale such as Learning Centers. We also have a list of franchises for sale tailored to adults looking for higher education and training in growing a business. Find the right education franchise opportunity for you and request more information. You can also browse our entire list of franchises to get more small business ideas as well.



Furnished office with area of 350 to 500 sqft well ventilated with fans or AC

  • Two or more computers / laptops
  • Operational Landline
  • Reception desk with computer and printer

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Halls of 300 – 400 sqft with benches

  • Staff room for teaching faculty with computers for database entry and water dispenser with filter
  • White board
  • White board markers
  • Dusters
  • Proper ventilation with fans or AC
  • Inverter
  • Sufficient light

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Franchise Model           
 Courses run under Franchise
Master Franchise Competitive exams (MPSC, Banking, SSC, SSB, etc), DMIT, Mnemonics, Spoken English (Spoken english is optional)
Franchise Coaching class for CBSE, State boards for Class 8 – 12  (with IIT Foundation, Olympiads, NSTSE, IIT-JEE, MH-CET (Engg), NEET, AIPMT), DMIT, Mnemonics and Vedic Maths
Sub Franchise Coaching for Class 1 – 7 of CBSE, State boards (with NTS, MTS, Olympiads, NSTSE), DMIT, Mnemonics and Abacus
Separate Add On DMIT or Mnemonics or Mid brain Activation or Abacus or vedic maths or Phonics or rapid reading or Hand writing or calligraphy or spoken english or Science lab activity or maths lab activity or new courses that are developed from time to time or combinations of these courses
Approx you can expect (ROI) income from each franchises.

ICES Franchise provide very high ROI from each coaching institute and training franchises. ICES is self drive organization so we have confidence to give more high returns. ROI from franchise varies from 50% to 400% per year and we give minimum guarantee of 50% ROI per year.

  • ICES provide staff and their salary.
  • ICES provide all students to franchise.
  • ICES provide all stationary, brochures, flyers, visiting cards and such marketing tools.
  • ICES provide All study material, notes, videos, test series, question banks, online and offline, live satellite classes.
  • ICES provide all management software to manage franchise and track your ROI.
  • ICES provide website, SEO and Digital marketing to each franchise.
  • Just sit a side and watch your income from franchise.

With education industry witnessing massive growth & reach, high monetary & social rewards is what a balanced investor can expect year after year from brand ICES. Education Industry is one of the most eminent emerging sectors of service Industry. A sector which not only is growing with the pace of increasing population but also on Indians’ fixation for education, poor educational infrastructure and ambitious parents which have given rise to this booming and a recession-proof coaching industry in the country.

The expansion has happened at a steady pace and the market is growing day by day. The good news is that growth is coming from all cities, especially from Tier-II and Tier-III cities and parents are prepared to pay whatever is necessary for education needs as they realise that it is the right investment in their children’s future.

Today, the ICES brand has become synonymous with quality education. We are determined to improvise on our coaching capabilities and give the best possible standards of quality and creative guidance to Medical and Engineering aspirants across India & abroad with the help of our partners.

ICES offers a lucrative franchisee opportunity! We have had much success in the national student training industry for medical and engineering entrance examinations and would like to, through the development of mutually beneficial relationships with franchisees, reach out to as many students in India as we can. As the students that we get are of a highly motivated and competitive standard, we are interested in working with quality, serious-minded people who share the same ideal to promote the best professional coaching methodology for the betterment of the student and nation.

We have an ever-expanding input of students every year and we wish that as serious entrepreneurs, you also would benefit from the name and goodwill that we have established in the Indian market. It is important to note that involvement, as a Franchisee is not a part-time-get-rich-quick scheme. We requires our franchisees to invest as much time and energy to quality teaching efforts as possible. Interpersonal communication is one key factor as the business involves developing a strong rapport with both the students as well their parents/guardians.

Franchising has several benefits. For example when you associate yourself as a franchisee of a reputed group you get the authorization to use and commercially profit from the established brand name of the parent company. As you know it is very expensive and time consuming to build and sustain such brands that can give you instant recognition in your target market. Secondly, you get to use “best practices” in the business to develop your business quickly. These practices are tried and tested over time in different market conditions and found to be successful. As a franchisee your parent company will share these “secrets of business” with you.

With over a decade of experience from various sources, we have developed a result oriented Success proven practical training and Coaching model. Using the internet technology as platform, we have very strong brand name Innovative & Creative Education Solutions (ICES) in the market. We want to leverage our operation to various cities through network channel partner as franchisee.

Many Training and Coaching Franchise models require the franchisee to adopt a more executive based role. Training and Coaching Franchises offer a wide variance of business types and operate in all parameters of the B2B environment. The nature of business for a Training and Coaching Franchise may vary from sales and management training, business development coaching and personal development training.

With numerous best practice models shared between various businesses, the demand for Training and Coaching services is ever present and so offers a fantastic opportunity to operate your own successful business with a Training and Coaching Franchise. So don’t delay and explore the fantastic Training and Coaching Franchise opportunities available.

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