ICES BRAIN is the result of a collaboration of few like minded professionals with a rich experience and expertise in the field of Education, software and different domains of Business. Each member of the Organisation has years of experience in their domain and with the collective expertise has set up this Organisation. A collective experience of more than 100 years of experience and extra ordinary understanding of the need of the market sets us apart.

We have the 100% Authentic, Certified & approved DMIT software that has been certified with ISO 9001-2008 certification

We at ICES BRAIN believe that every human being is born with an unlimited potential. But, most people go to their grave just using 5% of their potential and 95% of their real potential is taken along with them to their grave.What a colossal waste of Human Talent! We at ICES BRAIN also believe that human potential is like an Iceberg, what is visible is only 10% and remaining 90% is hidden inside. ICES BRAIN strives to help people exploit their hidden potential and make them achieve their goals in life.

ICES BRAIN has taken the Mission to empower everybody believe in human potential more than God because there is nobody in this world who is not capable of doing more than he thinks he can. Often, people underestimate their capacity of setting & achieving big goals.

If they can make penicillin out of a moldy bread then ICES BRAIN can surely make something great out of you; believe in yourself! Life has no limitations except the ones you made. Remember, knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. And unless you try to do something beyond you have already mastered, you will not grow because god does not ask about your ability but your availability. And natural potential without education has often taken people to glory & virtue, than education without natural potential.


Our mission is to educate the people about the brain development programs, applications, methodology and integrates them to processes their potential towards the betterment of mankind.


By taking these scientifically proven technologies from the remotest part of the world and help in creating an easy and affordable profiling tool that enable parents to truly know how to grow their kids so that these kids can become the power of future in the world.



Today over 41% of all retail businesses in the world. are franchised operations and it is anticipated to be 50% within the next decade.

Approximately 950, 000 franchised locations exist, employing over 11,000,000 people.

Why do people choose franchising? Because it offers proven methods of operation that permit the franchisee to capitalize on the experience and expertise of an established organization. That can ensure your peace of mind when starting and operating your own business.

Various studies report that approximately 80% of all small businesses fail within five years and 47% of the businesses fail within the first year. Yet, over 90% of all franchises succeed! Based on these statistics, the U.S. Department of Commerce has concluded that franchising “vastly increases the likelihood of success on the part of the small business person – it offers both a degree of flexibility and security not possible under other marketing systems.”

Because franchising offers a formula for operating a proven business, it is rapidly growing. Sales through franchised outlets continue to increase.

Now you have the opportunity to become part of our franchise development – and own your own Ecucation Solutons franchise.

What goes into an ICES BRAIN franchise? Your initiative. Your resources. Your hard work. Your commitment. Your entrepreneurial spirit. Your desire to have control over your future. Your need for independence. Your love of children.

Combine these qualities with our knowledge, expertise, services and techniques and our unique franchise opportunity and together we can enjoy a mutually rewarding business relationship.

ICES BRAIN is appointing Master Franchisees and Franchisees all over India.



We are also looking for dedicated consultants who have a good network with students and schools and would be interested to work with ICES BRAIN. Lucrative benefits are offered for our consultants.


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