Lifetime Report reveals detailed information regarding a person that can be used in child’s nurturing, studies, career options, hobbies, interests, learning style, mindset etc.

1. Eight Multiple Intelligence with 19 different Sub intelligence.

2. Different types of Personality and Identtify the Personality type.

3. In born Talent.

4. Strongest Senses.

5. Identify the thought process.

6. Object driven or concept driven person.

7. Executor ot Thinker.

8. SWOT Analysis.

9. Know Total Finger Ridge Count.

10. Know various quotients like IQ, EQ, CQ and AQ.

11. Know preferred learning style.

12. Know Cerebellum India Dominance.

13. Know ATD Angle.

14. Know Acquiring methods.

15. Know Leadership Style.

16. Holland Theory.

17. Mckenzie Theory.

18. Know which extra curricular activity is best suited as per intelligence.

19. Which stream should be chosen for study.

20. Best Career Options.


HR Report is purely dedicated for HR Management. It consists the detailed information about your career & helps you choose the best one for you. It reveals the right person at the right job.

1. Corporates can also apply Dermatoglyphics analysis to find out the strength and weakness of their employees for position placement.

2. Can be used to know the right person at the right job.

3. To understand whether you are in the right profession or not.


Compatibility Report is for finding the compatibility of 2 people like Husband – Wife, 2 Business Partners, Father, Child. It can be used as a pre-marriage analysis report. It reveals their mind set, interests etc. Benefit:

1. Can be used to know the compatibility between a Couple

2. Reveals whether you and your Partner share the same mindset or not.

3. Can be used to know the common interests of Parent- Child


1. Call us and fix appointment. 2. You come to our Office to record your fingerprint. (Our Representative can also visit you for a group of minimum 10 people).

2. You pay 50% of the amount while recording your fingerprint.

3. Our Dermatoglyphics Analyst studies your fingerprints and prepares report.

4. Time taken to generate report is 3-4 working days,

5. Our Councellor calls you and gives you appoinment.

6. You visit our Counsellor at the predetermined time to collect report and for DMIT counselling.

7. You pay balance 50% amount.

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