The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) is a body created by the Constitution of India to select applicants for civil service jobs in the Indian state of Maharashtra according to the merits of the applicants and the rules of reservation.

The Head Office of the MPSC is located at the Maharashtra State Capital Mumbai.

Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) is a Constitutional Body established Under Article 315 of Constitution of India which provides a smooth and efficient functioning of the Government of Maharashtra by providing suitable candidates for various Government posts and advise them on various service matters like formulation of Recruitment Rules, advise on promotions, transfers and disciplinary actions etc.

 Educational Qualifications:

Any Graduation or those appearing in final year of graduation can also appear.


Minimum age 19 years, the maximum age 38 years. Maximum age relaxable OBC candidates (Max. 43yrs.) and SC/ST/NT candidates (Max. 43yrs)

Attempts at the exam:

No Limit

How to apply:

Register at MPSC website  After you are registered, you can apply for any MPSC exam through your online account at the above website.

Structure of examination:

The examination is conducted in following three stages :

Preliminary Examination

Main/Written Examination

Interview/Personality Test

Preliminary Examination:

There are major changes in the Preliminary exam since 2013.

The preliminary exams now comprises of following 2 papers carrying 200 marks each.

  1. General studies (GS)
  2. Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT).

GS paper contains 120 questions and CSAT paper contains 80 questions of multiple choice type.

Time allotted is 2 hours for each paper.

For both the papers 1/3 negative marking system is applicable, which means deduction of 33% marks for each wrong answer.

All other rules regarding this are same as UPSC. Questions are set in English and Marathi medium but for some passages in CSAT paper and questions based on them which are supposed to test candidate’s knowledge of English language, the Marathi translation is not available.

The Preliminary Examination is held at most of the district places in Maharashtra. After the result of the Preliminary Examination is declared, the successful candidates are called to appear for the Main Examination. Marks scored in the Preliminary Examination are not counted for the final selection of the candidates.

Main/Written Examination:

Generally the Main Examination is supposed to be held three and a half or four months after the result of the Prelims exam is declared. This examination is held at four centres viz. Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad and Nagpur. The candidates who qualify in the Preliminarily Examination and hold University degrees of graduation level are eligible to appear for Main Examination.

From 2012 MPSC state services Mains there has been sea changes. The optional subjects have been removed from the exam and 4 papers for General Studies have been introduced. MPSC has provided detailed syllabi for these papers.

There are total 6 papers in this exam; among them 4 are GS papers.

But unlike UPSC the nature of GS papers is multiple choice types.

But language papers for English and Marathi are still subjective (essay type).

There is a 1/3 negative marking system for all the GS papers.

The scope of General Studies has been expanded.

The paper for Marathi language is compulsory for everyone and the marks of Marathi & English languages are counted for deriving the final selection list.

In case of posts in the Police Department the candidates must also fulfill the prescribed requirements of physical ability

Nature of Exam:

Subject                                                                                                                       Marks

Marathi (3 hours)                                                                                                     100

English (3 hours)                                                                                                        100

GS Paper I (2 hours) History, Geography and agriculture                                   150

GS Paper II (2 hours) Indian polity and laws                                                          150

GS Paper III (2 hours) Human resource development and human rights         150

GS Paper IV (2 hours) Science and Technology, Economy                                    150

Total                                                                                                                                800

 Interview/Personality Test                                                                                        100

The candidates coming out successfully in the written examination (Mains) are called for the interview. According to the changes made in 2012 state civil service examination, the marks for interview have been reduced. Now the interview carries 100 marks. In the interview, eligibility required for the candidate’s post opted for, his / her personality, his / her study level of social and national issues, awareness regarding events occurring around him / her, capacity to take decisions, presence of mind are the factors supposed to be considered.

The final merit list is declared after considering the candidate’s marks in the Main exam and the Interview. Accordingly, eligible candidates are appointed at various posts. Eventually they get the appointment letters to join the government.

Postsfilled through MPSC exams:

Deputy Collector

Police Inspector

Police Sub – Inspector


Assistant sales Tax Inspector

Deputy Registrar Cooperative Department

CO, BDO, etc

Various posts their pay scales and opportunities of promotion are listed in the table below.





उपजिल्हाधिकारी, गटअ

Rs.15600-39100 + 5400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता+ वनियमप्रमाणे



पोलीसउपाधीक्षक/ सहाय्यकपोलीसआयुक्त, गटअ

Rs.15600-39100 + 5400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता+ वनियमप्रमाणे

पोलीसअधीक्षक/ पोलीसउपयुक्तवत्यापुढीलपदे


तहसीलदार, गटअ

Rs.15600-39100 + 5400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता+ वनियमप्रमाणे



सहाय्यकविक्रीकरआयुक्त, गटअ

Rs.15600-39100 + 5400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता+ वनियमप्रमाणे



उपनिबंधकसहकारीसंस्था, गटअ

Rs.15600-39100 + 5400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता+ वनियमप्रमाणे



उपमुख्यकार्यकारीअधिकारी/ गटविकासअधिकारी (उच्चश्रेणी, गटअ

Rs.15600-39100 + 5400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता+ वनियमप्रमाणे



महाराष्ट्रवित्तवलेखासेवा, गटअ (कनिष्ठ)

Rs.15600-39100 + 5400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता+ वनियमप्रमाणे

महाराष्ट्रवित्तवलेखासेवा, गटअ (वरिष्ठ) वत्यापुढीलपदे


मुख्याधिकारी, नगरपालिका/परिषद, गटअ

Rs.15600-39100 + 5400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता+ वनियमप्रमाणे



अधीक्षकराज्यउत्पादनशुल्क, गटअ

Rs.15600-39100 + 5400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता+ वनियमप्रमाणे

उपायुक्त (वरिष्ठ)सहआयुक्त (वरिष्ठ)उत्पादनशुल्क, गटअ


महाराष्ट्रवित्तवलेखासेवागटब (राजपत्रित)

Rs.9300-34800 + 4400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता + वनियमप्रमाणे

महाराष्ट्रवित्तवलेखासेवा, गटब (कनिष्ठ) वत्यापुढीलपदे


कक्षअधिकारी, गटब

Rs.9300-34800 + 4400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता + वनियमप्रमाणे

अवरसचिव, उपसचिववसहसचिव


गटविकासअधिकारी, गटब

Rs.9300-34800 + 4400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता + वनियमप्रमाणे



मुख्याधिकारीनगरपालिका, गटब

Rs.9300-34800 + 4400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता + वनियमप्रमाणे

मुख्याधिकारी, नगरपालिका/नगरपरिषद, गटअवत्यापुढीलपदे


सहाय्यकनिबंधकसहकारीसंस्था, गटब

Rs.9300-34800 + 4400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता + वनियमप्रमाणे



तालुकानिरीक्षक, भूमीअभिलेख, गटब

Rs.9300-34800 + 4400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता + वनियमप्रमाणे

भूमीअभिलेख, गटअवत्यापुढीलपदे


उपअधीक्षकराज्यउत्पादनशुल्क, गटब

Rs.9300-34800 + 4400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता + वनियमप्रमाणे

अधीक्षकराज्यउत्पादनशुल्क, गटअ


सहाय्यकआयुक्तराज्यउत्पादनशुल्क, गटब

Rs.9300-34800 + 4400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता + वनियमप्रमाणे

उपायुक्त (कनिष्ठ) राज्यउत्पादनशुल्कगटअ


सहाय्यकप्रादेशिकपरिवहनअधिकारी, गटब

Rs.9300-34800 + 4400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता + वनियमप्रमाणे

उप-प्रादेशिकपरिवहनअधिकारी, गटअ, प्रादेशिकपरिवहनअधिकारी, गटअ


नायबतहसीलदार, गटब

Rs.9300-34800 + 4400 + अधिकमहागाईभत्ता + वनियमप्रमाणे

तहसीलदार, गटअ, उपजिल्हाधिकारी, गटअ


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