Olympiads and other Competitive Exams

In today’s competitive world student has to face competitive exams not only for getting admissions in colleges of high reputation but also to acquire to job. The competitive exams have the paper format which the children are not used to in their daily school life. The school question papers are subjective questions which try to evaluate what student has learnt not what he/she has understood. The competitive exams are scientifically designed to test the understanding of the student and are most objective type questions. The preparation of these exams at early stage helps in identifying the talents within a student. These exams also create aptitude for learning more than in the text books amongst the students and in turn help him/her to achieve his/her full potential. Children from class 1 to 12 can appear for National Science Olympiad and NSTSE exams. More exams are available for students of Class VIII onwards as mentioned in table below.


Class VIII                                                              Class  IX                                        Class  X

NTSE                                                                          NSEJS                                              NSEJS

NSTSE                                                                        NSTSE                                              NSTSE

NSO & RMO                                                         NSO & RMO                                   NSO & RMO

MTSE                                                                           INJSO                                              INJSO

NEMC                                                                        MTSE                                                 KVPY

(Pravinya and Pradanya)                                HBBVS (Homi Bhabha)             

At SCC IIT Coaching center we have a strongly motivated team to inculcate the inquisitiveness and curiosity in the children of this era to lead in such exams. We look at this program as a part of our social duty to nurture future leaders, scientists and visionaries, the basic foundation of which lies in the clarity of thought. To crack these exams it is at most essential that the fundamentals in science/maths are thoroughly understood and utilized with ease in solving problems. Hence the need of the hour is to build the fundamental base as strong as possible.

The syllabus of IIT Foundation program has been designed by SCC IIT Coaching Centre in order to lay a strong foundation of basic concepts in Science and Maths. The rational approach in dealing with the problem that would be gained during this program will be play vital role in all spheres of life. It is suggested the earlier on starts the preparation is the better. We have been conducting these programs for students in Class VII to Class X studying in CBSE, ICSE as well as Maharashtra State Board. The teaching is fun filled with examples from daily life, thought provoking and inculcating habbit of observations of world around – a thoroughly scientific and systematic way of introducing concepts of science and maths to children at young age. The skills acquired by the students are tested from time to time.

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Gist of all competitive examinations







Students enrolled in the XI Standard and have secured a minimum of 80% marks in PCMB

Last week of October or first week of November

Anything from  CBSE and ICSE board syllabus

80 Objective Questions


Students studying in VIII

Usually in November

Syllabus of class VIII
along with advance

MAT 90 & SAT 90 SAT- 35 Q SST, 35Q  Science & 20Q Maths.


Class 2-12


Based on the CBSE syllabus

100Q-100M-90minutes, M-25, P25, C20, B20, General-10


Students of  Class X


CBSE up to 10th PCMB roughly equal weightage

2009/10/11 240M-> 80Q*3 Time: 2hrs.


Students selected from Stage I examination (NSEJS)


CBSE up to 10th PCMB roughly equal weightage

Time: 3 hrs.


Clas 3-9


As per syllabus of  CBSE and ICSE of respective classes

50Q -90Minute +2M for correct  and -0.5 for wrong


Class 1-12


Syllabus mentioned on the science Olympiad foundation website

50Q in 1hr Section I: 15Q on MA  Section II: 35Q on PCB


Class 1-12

November / December

Syllabus mentioned on the science Olympiad foundation website

50Q in 1hr divided into 3 sections


Students in Class 9th


Textbooks of VII ,VIII and IX std of SSC, CBSE and ICSE

100 Q in 90 min PCB-30 M each, GK - 10M

Ganit Pravinya

Aspirants who have passed 7th class with  a score of 60% and above in Mathematics


The first and second  parts of the VIIIth  Maths curriculum
(Maharashtra board)

180 minutes carrying 100 marks. Around 30Q are included in the test


Ganit Pradnya (NEMC)



Those who clear the Ganit  Pravinya Exam scoring


The first and second  parts of the VIIIth Maths curriculum
(Maharashtra board)

100 Q in 2hrs


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