Position: Relationship Manager in Pune

ICES is recruiting 50 Relationship Managers in phased manner in coming six months. The candidates who have good inter-personal intelligence are most welcome to the ICES family since they can experience the best job environment. The Relationship Manager positions are available for full time (8- 10 hrs a day) duration. The positions are to be filled in for long term association (regular job) with the retirement age being 60 years. The selection process is based on interview. The payment includes house rent allowance, travelling allowance, medical allowance, phone allowance in addition to the basic salary. The salary will be decided at the time of the interview or after interview. Every year the Relationship Manager would be eligible for increment according to the norms of the company. The best performing Relationship Managers will be granted incentives as per the norms of the company over and above the regular payment. Further, the Relationship Managers would be promoted to higher positions as per the norms of the company.

The Relationship Managers are expected to work with honesty, integrity and dedication. They should take up the training and orientation programs to update their knowledge, communication skills, Office Management and enhance their inter personal skills. These programs would be arranged by the company and would incur no cost to the Relationship Managers. The Relationship Manager is required to sign 3 year bond with the company.

The Relationship Manager should be ready to work in any location in Pune or multiple locations in Pune as per the requirements. The duty hours will be 8 hours. The Relationship Manager is the face of company at its different locations. They are required to manage the operations at the designated location: generating student enquiries, posting them to marketing team and forwarding the enquiry report to Sales Department Head of the company, admission of students, coordination of teaching/test activities with faculties, reporting of the activities to Head Office in stipulated time, maintaining the record of syllabus completed (every day, every week, every month), maintaining attendance report of students, faculties and himself/herself and forwarding the same to Head office, collection of fees and depositing them in company account, generating accounts reports and posting them to accounts section of Head Office of the company, conducting parent meetings, hosting promotional events, coordinating with Head office, etc as per the norms of the company.

It is highly essential that the Relationship Manager is well versed with usage of computer, internet and e-mail facilities. It is also expected that the Relationship Manager has good knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, excel and powerpoint)

Qualifications: Graduate or Diploma.

Documents required:

  • 1. PAN card (xerox with self attestation)
  • 2. Aadhar Card (xerox with self attestation)
  • 3. Residence proof (xerox with self attestation)
  • 4. Educational qualifications related certificates and mark sheets (xerox with self attestation)
  • 5. Birth date certificate

If anyone is interested then please email us with your updated resume at career@ices-eduworld.com

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